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The first L in our Vision Statement says, “LEARN how to follow Jesus better.”

Our goal is to strive to live better lives each and every day. With the pressures of work, school, family, friends, and basically life, it’s sometimes difficult to walk in Jesus’ footsteps 24/7. So we gather together in smaller groups at First Church to learn how to get through life better. Disciple simply means “follower.” In the New Testament, people would latch onto Rabbis, whom they thought could make the most impact on their lives. The Rabbi’s goal was to keep his followers so close that they would be covered in his dust. We want to provide ways in which you may be covered in the dust, the teachings, of Jesus Christ.

When it comes to discipleship, learning how to follow Jesus better, you may participate in:

Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School)-9:30 AM every Sunday

Current Classes:

The Christian Standard – Room 203

Ephesians – Room 204

1 & 2 Peter – Room 304

Women’s Group – Room 200

Small Groups

Current Groups:

Men’s Bible Study – Christian Doctrine – 6 PM on Mondays at the church